jessicas diary
Men spend so much time staring at my boobs that I'm not sure if they ever notice my butt. I think I have a great butt. As much as I like thongs and the way they make my ass look, it's nice to wear different kinds of panties once in a while. A girl needs to mix it up a bit. My polka dot panties are amongst my favorites because they are playfully sexy and just a little goofy. I'm a goofy girl. I don't think guys have any appreciation for how hard it
is to find panties that make
ya feel sexy while not rubbing
your naughty bits the wrong
way. A chafed girl is an
unhappy girl. But a girl who
feels pretty and sexy is
a lot more likely to give up
some lovin', if you know
what I mean. I think you do.
Jessicas big natural titties
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